Well, seems like you have already know what to do or what not to do, specially when you're moving out of state, Well I must say that you're on the right place to get a right guidance for your move.

There are people, who taking moving very lightly, and get stuck in problem at the the time of moving, through your research, you might have experienced that moving is not a cup of tea, where you just make and drink in a minutes.

By the way I would like to congratulate you for making the good decision to look for packer and mover in Germany, or could say moving companies in Germany.

You're already on the way of making your move hassle-free and memorable.

As we understand also that your moving in not just a moving but it has a emotion in it, you're moving with a great hope, must be thinking to making your life much better than what you're living today.

And we mean it, that's why we are here to help you as much possible by helping you to meet to the right organization.

Before you choose moving company it is our duty to discuss with our readers, We are hoping that you're following the below point.

1- Research your new chosen city. (If you're parents then you must look for a school for your child and specially have a friendly chat with neighbor, because if you have good connection with your neighbor then they are the first who will come to help you in any circumstances)

2 - Make sure you have applied for change driver license and vehicle registration according to the rule of new city.

3 - Complete the process of Medical Insurance and ask them that their insurance will it not there, if not then do what it needs to do.

4 - Clear your all bill of your home electricity and telephone.

5- Make sure to put a new address at your gate, those who don't know that you have moved, as well as update your new address in all your document where it needed specially in bank.

6- Get register yourself as a new voter in your new city.

Now let's look for the best moving company in Germany, who are serving in different states.

But again I would like tell you one thing as a precaution, well whatever I will share here will be best company amongst other, but still for the satisfaction of customer, a customer must look the Google Map review, because in the online era, review says it all.

So let's find them:)

Blitz Umzuege

Blitz Umzüge are in this field since a long year almost 10 years, this is main indication to trust for any company, because any company can only thrive a long time, if they are providing great value in their service, Blitz moving company in berlin had always the same motto since starting, that before earn first serve the customer, this is what they are doing till now.


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Their employer are professional trained and well managed, whatever they start they do it on a deadline with the perfection, they hardly get any complain for their service, they took care very well specially the fragile one, that's why customer loved them.

So without any wait, you can have a talk with them, you can connect with them here.

Flitz Umzuege

Flitz umzuege is also known for giving the great service, their practice has always been to serve customer, they listen, plan and act according to the plan, this is how they reach to the conclusion, their professional movers makes them stand able in this competition, No matter if you want move small distance or to a large distance, they will help you in every circumstances and be available at your doorstep in no matter of time. Check them out here.

Wohnungsauflösung Berlin

If you're living in Apartment, not in your own villa or home, and want to move, then it requires little extra work, as you can't easily leave your apartment without completing all the documents, first you need to inform to your contractor before a month or as per the deal, when you were entering in the house, do remember the tips given above, moreover if you're leaving at 8th or 10th floor, then you need definitely someone who can help you to transfer your stuff as well as help you to dispose your unused stuff, you must look for them. 


Entrümpelung berlin

Entrümpelung Berlin - What does they do? Well in moving it requires mass work, it's not about 2 or 3 people who can perform the whole task, and if you're living in Germany then you know, that you have to give back the room the same way as you have received means neat and clean, and it is quite possible homes get messy when you're taking your household to another place, there might be you have pasted wallpaper, curtains, design, unused stuff at your basement, this all you need to dispose out before your hand them a key. You may look for more info. 

Hope this article helps you! let me know in the comment section for any further information.